Japan Academy of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing


1. Outline of the JAPMHN

Year Established: 1991
Number of members: Approx. 1,400
Business Activities:

  • Holding academic meetings
  • Publication of a journal
  • Promotion of research activities
  • Education and training programs
  • Cooperation and liaison activities with domestic and foreign related organizations
  • Social activities to contribute to people’s mental health and welfare
  • Other activities necessary to achieve the objectives of the society

Sixth Term
(Term of office: May 12, 2023 – End of the Annual Meeting of Delegates in 2025)

Board of Directors

Seitaro Teraoka Teikyo University Chairperson
Mami Kayama National College of Nursing Vice Chairperson
Atsuko Tamaki Kobe Women’s University Editorial Board
Yoshimi Endo Tottori College of Nursing Committee of Quality Improvement in Research
Masami Hasegawa Toyama College of Welfare Science Award Committee
Mitsunobu Matsuda Osaka Metropolitan University Committee of Quality Improvement in Education
Yoshie Okada International University of Health and Welfare Committee of Quality Improvement in Practice
Takuya Hatakeyama Komazawa Women’s University Academic Collaboration Committee
Fujika Katsuki Nagoya City University Social Contribution Committee
Rie Chiba Kyoto University Public Relations and Information Committee
Takako Okawa Fukushima Medical University Disaster Preparedness Committee
Kiyoka Nozue Keio University Committee on Ethics and Conflict of Interest
Yuki Hamada Tokyo Women’s Medical University Treasurer
Sanae Nakatogawa Kitasato University General Affairs Committee
Keiichiro Kiriyama Nagoya City University General Affairs Committee


Masa Ogino Musashino University
Keiko Takita Gifu University of Health Sciences


2. Introduction of the Committee

Editorial Board
To promote the development of psychiatric and mental health nursing, and to strive for the exchange of knowledge widely.

  • Editing, publishing, and copyright management of the Journal of JAPMHN

Research Activities Promotion Committee
To promote research activities of the society members in order to develop psychiatric and mental health nursing.

  • Research Grant Program for Young Researchers
  • Award Program for Excellent Research Papers
  • Providing information on training sessions and other events related to research funded by public research funds

Education Quality Improvement Committee
To conduct activities to improve the quality of education in psychiatric and mental health nursing.

  • Activities to improve the quality of education
  • Survey of Basic and Post-Graduation Education in Mental Health Nursing and Policy Recommendations for Basic and Post-Graduation Education

Practice Quality Improvement Committee
To improve the quality of practice of psychiatric and mental health nursing.

  • Planning of training programs to improve the practical nursing skills of general nursing personnel
  • Development of advanced practice nurses and planning of their training

Academic Collaboration Committee
To cooperate with other academic organizations, to exchange knowledge widely, and to propose policies as needed.

  • Collaboration with other academic and allied organizations for the purpose of reviewing, proposing, and disseminating information on policies related to mental health nursing
  • Gathering and organizing information on social conditions
  • Preparation of recommendations on policies in clinical practice
  • Coordination with other academic and professional associations

Social Contribution Committee
Contribute broadly to society through the activities of the JAPMHN.

  • Publicizing mental health nursing knowledge to the public and other professionals
  • Cooperation with the Medical Accident Investigation System

Public Relations and Information Committee
Provide domestic and international information on psychiatric and mental health nursing to JAPMHN members and promote JAPMHN to its members.

  • Creation of the society’s pamphlet
  • Newsletter publication
  • Management and operation of the society’s website
  • Public relations activities using the media

Disaster Countermeasures Committee
Provide disaster relief (including disaster prevention and mitigation) with knowledge of psychiatric and mental health nursing.

  • Accumulation of practical and research results on disaster relief
  • Develop guidelines for disasters
  • Cooperation with the JANA Disaster Relief Program

General Affairs Committee
Conduct appropriate operations to ensure the smooth running of the society.

  • Management and administration of the society’s organization
  • Operation of the Board of Directors, Delegate Assembly, and General Assembly of the Society
  • Membership Management
  • Examination of regulations, organization, etc.
  • Accounting services

Ethics and Conflict of Interest Committee
Review ethical issues and conflicts of interest related to the JAPMHN.

  • Review and examination of ethical issues in the society
  • Review and examination of conflicts of interest
  • Research ethics review


3. Provision of Information

Consultation and Support Guidelines for consultants, from external organizations, for medical staff who work with COVID-19 situations (VERSION 1.0 May 2020):


Contact Us

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